Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What JuicyStar07 spends YOUR money on!

If you were ever stupid enought to buy from the skank then wouldn't you like to know where the money is going? Maybe you are helping her save for college right? WRONG. According to her blog she spent close to $200 for a jewelry armoire because she was to OCD about her jewelry always being flawless. Hey is she can't be prefect at least she can try to make her jewelry display be without a flaw. This girl is CRAZY! Who the hell spends that much money on something so unnecesary. She also states that she plans on filling that thing up with lots and lots of bling so just keep watching her videos and clicking on those adds because she really needs the money. Oh and if you would like to see how she organizes this lovely armoire she is glad to do a video but sadly NO ONE CARES!!

Another fun fact: In her latest blog post she lets us know what a baby she is. She sucked on a pacifier up to first grade but she has moved on to sucking other things now that she is a big girl.

If you would like to see all this just visit


  1. Its sad to see how jealous you are of other girls :/ instead of being mean about others, just live your life!


  3. you are actually beyond pathetic!

    Jealousy is a bitch.