Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lizzy and Miranda

So as most of you know Lizzy had a fun day shopping with Miranda. Most people already knew this was coming when she started to promote her music on twitter. By now it is easy to see when she is up to something. Also she and Jesse (The guy she is going to prom with) were on the World News tonight. The story was about how Jesse asked her out on YouTube and they had a phone conversation with Lizzy where she said it was so cute she could not say no. It ends up being a win win situation anytime Blair meets someone famous. Blair puts her videos of her and said person on her channel causing all of her subs to run out and buy their CD because Blair loves Miranda or Kat. Miranda and Kat then tweet and tell everyone to go check out a video she did on Youtube with Blair, which then brings Blair more views and a nice big paycheck. I guess her agent is good at arranging meet and greets with famous people. Also it is sad when she says she is friends with Miranda and they have only seen each other once in their whole life. What a bunch of bullshit. That is it for the update on this not so sneaky anymore guru.

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