Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kalel Cullen

It looks like she is back but as always the old videos are gone. I don't understand why she always feels the need to delete them. To be honest I get that she is dealing with OCD but I am bored or her videos because they are always the same. Pillow Talk or Follow me around and so on. She needs to spice it up or people will forget about her and stop watching. But maybe since she has a new boyfriend she won't be doing many videos anyway. After all youtube was always just a way to get something else she wanted, into acting. I think everyone is over her by now and sick of her just being randomly gone and coming back like nothing is up. She is being fake and should at least try to let her subscribers know what is going on. Here is a picture of her and Nick. She claims they are back together but on his myspace he is listed as single and logs in every day so she is most likely not telling the truth which is sad. He does not even have any pictures of them together on his profile. Something is fishy. I think she is just trying to not look pathetic. I also think she is can't stop telling lies. She said the reason why she changed her name was because it was humiliating but what is so wrong with Kristin Smith? I think is fits her because its nice and plain just like she is. She said before her last name was not common so she wanted to change that as well...hahaha SMITH. Wow. Anyway this girl is just full of lies and pretends to be perfect when in fact she is far from it.

Lizzy and Miranda

So as most of you know Lizzy had a fun day shopping with Miranda. Most people already knew this was coming when she started to promote her music on twitter. By now it is easy to see when she is up to something. Also she and Jesse (The guy she is going to prom with) were on the World News tonight. The story was about how Jesse asked her out on YouTube and they had a phone conversation with Lizzy where she said it was so cute she could not say no. It ends up being a win win situation anytime Blair meets someone famous. Blair puts her videos of her and said person on her channel causing all of her subs to run out and buy their CD because Blair loves Miranda or Kat. Miranda and Kat then tweet and tell everyone to go check out a video she did on Youtube with Blair, which then brings Blair more views and a nice big paycheck. I guess her agent is good at arranging meet and greets with famous people. Also it is sad when she says she is friends with Miranda and they have only seen each other once in their whole life. What a bunch of bullshit. That is it for the update on this not so sneaky anymore guru.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Opps Lizzy

Looks like someone was in such a hurry to get her money making fake as hell video up last night and forgot to put comments on approve. Opps, looks like now you will have to face reality. No one like you whore and it's there for the whole world to see. You will have a lot of deleting to do when you sign in. Good luck on that. Here are just a few of the lovely comments your fans have left you but don't worry there is plenty more

Lorraine: just another greedy bitch

By this point everyone is sick of Lorraines bullshit chain necklaces that she trys to sell in every single video. When she is not trying to sell us something she lets us watch her legs as she drives around Sarasota looking for something to do or something to buy. This girl has no real friends, nothing important to fill her life, or anything usefull to do so she spends money all day long. It might look nice but who would trade places with that lonely girl. Not many. If you think about it she does not even have any skills. I don't even remember the last time she posted a good tutorial, its all about the hauls and vlogs now. She is so full of herself that it is hard to watch, but I guess when you have fake boobs it all goes to your head. Her 'blog' will be the next craigslist because all she does is sell shit that is overprices. She will never be like lollipop26 no matter how hard she trys. She is just a big FAKE ASS SKANK with daddy issues.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tiahope94: a virtual NOBODY

You have asked for it so here it is. This 15 year old girl is a torture to look at and listen to. She fixes her hair every other second, her forehead is non-existing, her nails are always nasty and her $1.99 NYC make up is garbage. She should not even be considered a guru because all she does is talk about her MEAN GIRL drama (She seems to copy Meganheartsmakeup). The one or two tutorials she has posted are painful and she would do us all a favour if she just stops making these awful and pointless videos. No one gives a fuck about your school and your classes and the fact that Meganheartsmakeup subscribed to you. There is not much to say here, Tia is a drama queen that needs to grow up and get the hell out to save herself any further embarrassment.

What JuicyStar07 spends YOUR money on!

If you were ever stupid enought to buy from the skank then wouldn't you like to know where the money is going? Maybe you are helping her save for college right? WRONG. According to her blog she spent close to $200 for a jewelry armoire because she was to OCD about her jewelry always being flawless. Hey is she can't be prefect at least she can try to make her jewelry display be without a flaw. This girl is CRAZY! Who the hell spends that much money on something so unnecesary. She also states that she plans on filling that thing up with lots and lots of bling so just keep watching her videos and clicking on those adds because she really needs the money. Oh and if you would like to see how she organizes this lovely armoire she is glad to do a video but sadly NO ONE CARES!!

Another fun fact: In her latest blog post she lets us know what a baby she is. She sucked on a pacifier up to first grade but she has moved on to sucking other things now that she is a big girl.

If you would like to see all this just visit

Glitzy-Glam & So Sassy Hot

As the old saying goes "Same crap with different packaging" It looks like Meganheartsmakeup is following in the footsteps of money hungry retard Juicystar07. Maybe it is time to change the name to MeganheartsMONEY. I'm sick to my stomach when I see that there will be even more young girls riped off now that yet another guru has made a website selling expencive crap everyone can make by themselves. Don't be stupid, this is not their job. All Megan and Blair do is promote the products for profit, they do not work to get your crap to you.

So not only do their websites look like a 6 year old designed them but the stuff they sell and the money they sell it for is CRAP. They don't have anything original, you can get this garbage anywhere on the web for a cheaper price. Look at the mini emebgency kit, they are the same on both of the websites. Megan does sell it for $12.95 where as Blair has it listed for $12.00. Either way you can make this for $5. Don't fall for their shady deals because you will get screwed.

These two "working" skanks are nothing to look up to or be jelouse off. They don't work to earn what they have no matter what they say. All they do is cheat people out of their hard earned money.