Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lorraine: just another greedy bitch

By this point everyone is sick of Lorraines bullshit chain necklaces that she trys to sell in every single video. When she is not trying to sell us something she lets us watch her legs as she drives around Sarasota looking for something to do or something to buy. This girl has no real friends, nothing important to fill her life, or anything usefull to do so she spends money all day long. It might look nice but who would trade places with that lonely girl. Not many. If you think about it she does not even have any skills. I don't even remember the last time she posted a good tutorial, its all about the hauls and vlogs now. She is so full of herself that it is hard to watch, but I guess when you have fake boobs it all goes to your head. Her 'blog' will be the next craigslist because all she does is sell shit that is overprices. She will never be like lollipop26 no matter how hard she trys. She is just a big FAKE ASS SKANK with daddy issues.


  1. What's her youtube username?

  2. Smart. Way to bash someone you don't even have the link to.